EiF Patch Notes 07/23/2023

The one with updates to Empire Day and other miscellaneous tweaks.


  • New items added to the Empire Day vendors.
  • Players starting as a merchant will now have Novice Surveyor.
  • Doctors can now apply color changes to many of the medicines during crafting.
  • Ewoks now have their own name generator instead of using the human generator. (Sandi)
  • All playable races should now properly reflect their race in the character sheet.
  • Players should again be once again select the last color on the color palette when using a recolor kit.
  • “True black” has been adjusted to be slightly less vanta-black.

Empire and Remembrance Day Rewards

Here you’ll find the various things you can spend your hard-won coins on. This list only includes the items that are unique to Empire Day, meaning it will not show the “regular” event rewards that appear on other reward vendors. If you want a closer view of the reward, click on the image to see it enlarged in a new tab. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Ranite Geode and Box of Flawed Crystals can only be opened by a Master Jedi. Opening a Ranite Geode guarantees one of six color crystals (3 pairings). While cheaper, the Box of Flawed Crystals only has a CHANCE to contain anything.  For more information on the colors that can be obtained, check out the forum post about lightsaber colors and where to find them


Appearing on Both Vendors

Item Name Coin cost appearance
A Tall Glass Display Case 800
A Wide Glass Display Case 800
A Display Screen 800
A Heavy Repeating Blaster Replica 900
Schematic: Two-Handed Tulrus Sword 1000  
Schematic: RSF Sword 1000  
Schematic: Blasterfirst 1000  
Schematic: A-180 Modular Blaster 1500  
A box of flawed crystals* 725  
A Ranite Geode* 5000  
*The Ranite Geode and Box of Flawed Crystals can only be opened by a Master Jedi. Opening a Ranite Geode guarantees one of six color crystals (3 pairings). While cheaper, the Box of Flawed Crystals only has a CHANCE to contain anything. 


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Friday Feature: Homeshow Winner Interview – Sammies – June 2023

Following the announcement of our June 2023 Galactic Homeshow Winner we are excited to feature a look into our winner’s creative mind, and what has inspired them so far. Congratulations to Sammies for winning the June 2023 contest, and thank you to Jeil for putting together this interview and running the Galactic Homeshow!

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