The Empire in Flames team acknowledges and thanks the following people for their contributions to the EiF experience. Note that team member contributions are not listed here; this is a list of non-staff contributions. This includes people listed as “contributors” in Discord.

  • Sunrunner II team – Custom planets and screenplay exchanges
  • Levarris (Stardust server) – Coruscant & Chandrila
  • Borrie BoBaka – artwork/artwork conversions
  • SavagelyRandom – NPC work
  • Doug David aka AgentOrangeJuice – Artwork, creative assets, and V-wing model
  • MTD Industries/X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project – YT-2000 & MC80 Liberty artwork
  • Sytner & Timbab of ModTheGalaxy – tools and information
  • SWGEmu team – for the code that we started with!
  • Ilya Ostrovsky – BB-9E artwork, used under license and adapted for EiF by Wefi.
  • Christoffer Schindel – BB-8 artwork, used under license and adapted for EiF by Borrie BoBaka and Wefi.
  • Laserschwert – Kuat and Mon Calamari music. (Recomposed based on original X-Wing and TIE Fighter soundtracks.)
  • Admiral Tributon – HWK-290 and Clone Wars-era Y-wing 3d models

If we are using an asset you created and your contribution is not listed here, please contact us so we can rectify the situation. We have no desire to take credit for work that is not ours – we’ve done enough cool things we don’t want to take credit for yours!