EiF’s 7th Anniversary Begins!

To celebrate seven years of An Empire in Flames, mayors across the galaxy are hosting celebrations within their cities. Check out the event schedule below!

Upcoming Events:

Sunday 28 April – 3pm ET
Dantooine Destruction Derby – Eventide, Dantooine

Mount up and take out the competition in walker on walker combat!

Sunday 28 April – 8pm ET
Aurora Beach Bash – Aurora Beach, Corellia

Enjoy the sun, sand, and sky-gliding! Races, gambling, and more!

Monday 29 April – 7pm ET
Festival of Glad Arrival – Verdant Valley, Naboo

Races, live music, lottery droids!

Tuesday 30 April – 8pmpm ET
New Destalon Grand Prix – New Destalon, Naboo


Wednesday 1 May – 7pm ET
Da Munchen Classic Podrace – Mos Gunga, Tatooine


Thursday 2 May – 7pm ET
Bantha Racing – Andor Outpost, Tatooine

Take to the dune and race on bantha-back!

Friday 3 May – 8pm ET
Bridgefest – Broken Bridge, Corellia

Bridgefest returns with fishing and fighting!

Saturday 4 May – 4pm ET
Sulphur Hills Dragway Special – Alexandretta, Lok

Drag racing and gambling!