Introducing GCW Campaigns

Since its inception, the Galactic Civil War (GCW) Invasion system has been a staple of the Empire in Flames experience. As of January 2024 however, the EiF team has decided to switch things up – resetting all prior control and implementing what we are calling Campaigns. Read on to find out more!

What is a Campaign?

In the old system, it was possible for one faction to conquer the galaxy and manage to hold it for an indefinite amount of time. After long periods of sustained control, GCW would stagnate. In the new system, a Campaign will last until one side has gained control of the galaxy. Once this state is reached, when only one side is always attacking and one side is always defending, the Campaign will conclude. At the conclusion of a Campaign, participants of the winning faction will receive a special reward for conquering and holding the galaxy and Galactic Control will reset. Then, a new Campaign will start with the winner of the previous Campaign on Attack. 

How can I qualify for the Campaign reward?

During an active invasion, players receive Warfame (ticks) while in the combat zone. Whenever a player receives a tick from the battles, they will also receive a point of participation for their faction. At the end of the Campaign, the reward will scale based on a player’s participation. 

What is the reward for the winning faction at the conclusion of a Campaign?

Currently TBD – more details will be released in the near future. 

What happens if I crash and can’t log in for the final warfame payout at the end of an Invasion? Will I lose my participation bonus?

While crashes are annoying, the only thing players will lose is the final warfame payout, if applicable. The GCW ticks are what count towards participation, not the final warfame payout. 

I play a Doctor/Entertainer/someone that doesn’t really see a lot of combat, but I still help my faction. Will I still qualify if I’m not getting kills?

As long as a player is in range of the combat area and receiving Warfame ticks, they will be also be earning participation points. 

Is there a way to see my Participation Points?

No, players will not be able to see this information at this time. 

When it’s clear that one faction is going to be the winner, what is to stop another player from swapping factions right at the end to receive the reward?

Participation is specific to the faction that it is earned on for that particular Campaign. This means that if a player was participating for one faction but changed factions at the end, they will not qualify for the winning faction’s reward. 

How long does a Campaign last?

As long as it takes for one side to achieve and hold Galactic Control. 

How many Campaigns will happen a year?

As many, or as little, as needed. 

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