Empire and Remembrance Day Event

Join the community on Empire in Flames for this year’s celebrations of Empire Day and Remembrance Day! While once a commemoration of the foundation of the Empire, Empire Day is now also a day for loyal Imperials to mourn the loss of their Emperor. For the former members of the Rebellion, what was originally a day to honor soldiers fallen in battle in Remembrance Day now also celebrates the New Republic’s founding. Whether you fight for the Empire or the New Republic, players can listen to speeches, tear down or put up propaganda posters, and race across Endor or they can group up and join the PvE and PvP battlegrounds. Completing objectives will award you Empire/Remembrance Day coins, which can be used to barter for rewards including new schematics, air-speeders, and decoration items that haven’t yet been seen on the server. Unlike other holiday events, Empire Day allows you to participate in as many events as you want, as many times as you want. This means you can grind out all the coins you might need in the course of a couple of days, or take your time and earn them over the course of the event.

This year, Empire/Remembrance Day starts on July 2nd and will run the entire month of July. Head on over to Kuat City on Kuat (for Imperials) or Hanna City on Chandrila (for NR) to get started.

Once you land at your respectively-aligned city, talk to your Event Coordinator for a quick run-down about the holiday, and the types of events available to you. Each Coordinator also has a BB-unit that you can speak with to check your Empire Day or Remembrance Day Coin balance, as well as redeem your earned coins for the available rewards.

Speak with Ingri if you’re NR, or Wulf if you’re Imperial.

Amidst the decorations and troops gathered in celebration, a handful of other NPCs are scattered about that will have more information on quests or activities you can participate in.

Listen to Speeches

At the top of each hour, troops will gather as famous aces Maarek Stele and Keyen Farlander land their ships and begin a speech about the holiday. If you stop to listen and remain nearby, you may be recognized for your services to the Empire or New Republic. If called upon, be sure to step forward and speak with Maarek or Keyen to receive recognition for your deeds. Players that do so will earn a unique badge for their character. If you already received recognition in years past, you will not receive a new badge.

Put Up or Tear Down Posters

The propaganda officers have been running around tirelessly trying to set up decorations, and remove the work of agents of the opposing faction. Speaking to them will allow you to pick one of two options: find boards and put up posters, or go after the nonsense of the opposing facing and deface their propaganda.

If you choose to put up posters, look for the empty-looking unused kiosks scattered around the area. When you find one, you can radial it and click “Use” to place up your poster.

If you choose to remove the enemy’s attempts at recruitment posters, look instead for the kiosks that have propaganda for the opposing faction already on them. Once you find them, you have the ability to deface them.

Whichever one you choose, you have ten minutes to put up or take down as many posters as you can. Each poster you deal with will earn you a coin.

Endor Swoop Race

To commemorate the events at Endor, you can participate in a timed speeder-race on the forest moon. Rather than head there via the starport, you can simply talk to your respective Event Coordinator again to be port immediately over to the planet. Ask what events are available again, and inquire after the speeder race.

As with any of the races on Empire in Flames, be careful. Ewoks aren’t the only things you might encounter on each leg of the race, and enemies may swoop in and attack you or your speeder. If you can successfully finish the race within the time-limit, you will be awarded a batch of 40 coins on completion.

Group PvE – Ewok Attack or Defense

If you have a crew of compatriots ready to answer the call, speak with either Assault Commander Exov or Defense Coordinator Redding to be dispatched as an emergency response team to Endor. If Imperial, you will be tasked with eliminating a tribe of belligerent Ewoks to avenge your fallen comrades. If New Republic, you will instead be sent to repel a hostile Imperial force moving in on your Ewok allies.

In either case, going with a group is highly recommended and you’ll want to flag up to at least combatant before you head to Endor. You will fight waves of enemies over the course of ten minutes and for every confirmed kill, each member of your group will get you a coin. You’ll also receive faction points if you do the most damage to the enemies! If you go down and are unable to be revived, a nearby medical facility and cloner will help get you back into the fight. Be sure to check your combatant status again though, as you will have to reflag to rejoin the battle.

Once the ten minutes are up, you’ll receive a system message that your mission has been completed. You won’t receive further coins if another spawn happens, so get out of there quickly by running up to the Lambda Shuttle or U-Wing parked nearby and speaking with the pilots to exfiltrate.

Group PvP – Capture the Protocol Droid

Special Forces Coordinators Gideon Hask and Adar Tallon are looking for combat-ready individuals for a special operation – to recover protocol droids that appear to have survived the crash of a Star Destroyer on Endor. Intelligence suggests that a group of Ewoks has since recovered the droids and are very protective of their new metallic gods…

Similar to a “Capture the Flag” event, combatants will be dispatched to locate these droids for their side. To queue up for the event, use your /holocomm after speaking to the NPCs and ask to be added to the operations list. The match won’t start until there are at least three fighters for each side, but you can check the current status of the queue via holocomm as well. The queue will automatically match group sizes: this means that if 10 Imperial players register while only 8 NR players have done the same, match-making will only send 8 of the Imperial players in for an even 8v8. It also means that it will take the first 8 entrants to have queued up, so make sure you have a balanced team!

When the match starts and you land in, you’ll have a few seconds to get sorted before the Protocol droid spawns. Once it does, you need to find it in any of the various Ewok huts before the enemy does. Interact with and claim the droid to start leading it back to your side but be careful – once you do, the Ewoks will turn on you and begin attacking. If you can survive both the enemy and Ewok assault long enough to lead the droid back to your ship, you will get a capture point and another droid will spawn again in the Ewok village. 

If you die during the fight, each side’s cloner is equipped with a Battlefield Healing Droid to quickly tend to your wounds. This will help you get back into the field faster before the enemy can pull ahead.

Each capture will earn you coins at the end, and the first side to three captures wins. The more points, the more coins for everyone in your group. All participants will receive a base pay out of 75 coins, with an additional 10 coins being awarded per droid capture and 25 coins for the winning team.

Redeeming Coins for Rewards

Once you have your trove of coins, remember to come back to the BB-units near the Event Coordinators to turn your coins in for prizes. Many unique items exclusive to Empire Day can be found on the vendor, as well as some regulars from previous holiday events. Coins can’t be traded, but anything you buy can be.

Whatever your factional affiliation, this year’s Empire/Remembrance Day will be one to enjoy. What are you waiting for? Log in and join the fun now!

— Mina

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